About Project Orpheus

For a musician like Dimovski, the thrill and confusion of the quest to create will always trump the tangible, material rewards bestowed for his efforts. While his inviting, empathetic voice is familiar to many, Project Orpheus, infuses it in challenging new contexts. The album luxuriates in innovative sonic backdrops, allowing what David refers to as “a naked flow”, a sense of an almost unrefined embodyment of inspiration to flourish throughout the entire oeuvre.
David started working on Orpheus upon the end of his run as a vocalist/lyricist in his former band “Hideout”. “After much toiling and overthinking about how I was to go about starting a new music project, I decided that the best way forward was to let go entirely!” Dimovski enthuses. “Stop thinking about restrictions, answers to, and questions like where, when, what, who and how, and simply…GO!” That ability to overcome doubt and give voice to complex thoughts is also applied to the project’s visual expression, by depicting the abstract approach to the narratives and bringing each story to life in a broad, yet subtle way, leaving the interpretation of the experience up to one’s own imagination, perhaps even depending on it. After all, the echo towards a life of expressivity, the shaping of one’s static is only as resounding as it’s call! “To create a small flower is the labor of ages, but to invent a universe is but a bard’s evening!”, concludes David. “Hence, the act of searching for relief in a finish line or achievement of any sort may well be distinguished as a fool’s errand. Create and experience whatever makes you happy, but bare in mind that the happiness you seek lies there within your grasp of the very thing you’re seeking it in. There is infinite creativity to be found in the ever- present difference between knowing, and walking a path. All we ever need in order find what we’re searching for is to simply reach out and ask ourselves where it is!

Shaping The Static

Project Orpheus - Debut album

The recording of the debut album took place at the "MarryPHAT Studio" in Skopje, Macedonia, as well as "Jovanov Studios" & "Almost Famous Studios" (Both also situated in Skopje, Macedonia) while the Official Live Album release was recorded by the renowned Mr. Ivica Jankulovski. Having previously published the singles "Gabriel" (Published on Jun 23, 2015) and "When The Moon" (Published on Jul 11, 2015) which proved themselves as very successful introductions to what one might expect of the ensuing record in it's entirety.

With the official release of "Shaping The Static" (Published on Sep 17, 2015) concluded, we wish to thank each and every member involved in the creation and production the debut album, for "It has been a true honor and delight, making this fairly large body of work come to life alongside such profound and virtuous artists. With each one adding their own creativity and preforming up to our highest standards, I am confident in stating that any listener should expect a hopefully rich and endearing journey both lyrically and conceptually, as well as musically." - states Dimovski.

Meet the Crew

The crew consists of various sound engineers such as Ivica Jankulovski, Jovan Jovanov (Jovanov Records) and Goran Ristevski (Almost Famous Studio). Video Credits go to DjGoce "The Sauce" (Video Director & Camera) , and Bojan Novevski (Camera and Assistance).

Meet the Cast

Starring alongside David himself as the founder, composer, arranger, lead vocalist, lyricist and acoustic guitarist of Project Orpheus, the cast consists of various carefully selected musicians, and dear friends, as well as former colleagues and collaborators of his past musical ventures.

Special appearances are also presented, made by guests such as Ole Zdravkovska (violinist), Ljupka Manchevska (Cellist) and Victoria Loba (Singer).